Track Racing

Members only can use the track. You must be a flying club member. We allow each member to bring one guest per day.

We have found that running the sprinklers for 45 minutes prior to racing tightens the track up and we see at lot less spin outs. There is very negligible mud thrown up and very little dirt in the cars.

Terry and Mike set the ‘guidelines’ and agenda. Racing dates and times reflected in the calendar.

This the second most fun ever for competitors AND spectators! (After pylon racing).

Terry’s rules:  Do not hit center sprinkler pipe and especially the T-Rail post holding it in place. Your “less than 24 hour old” car will break the frame….yes the frame.

Other info to be added, but at present we have a mixture of Traxxas Slash and Losi Tenacity cars, of which mine has new chassis, and the Losi SCBE, which has an aluminum chassis.  Most cars are four wheel drives with a couple of two wheel drive cars and are running with 2 cell LIPO batteries. Three cells are allowed but they will run in a separate class. There are a couple of other cars but I did not get the models yet.

The Traxxas and Losi have an automatic steering assist to keep the car going straighter when all four wheels are spinning wildly. The steering assist can be adjusted from the transmitter as to how much gain it has.

John and Mark have added in some bumps to add to the challenge and mayhem. We are still trying to determine the launch angle so be prepared for slightly different conditions each time.

The track is for the enjoyment of the club members, and at this time, and most likely the foreseeable future, there will be no planned racing with any other car clubs.

Dec 25, 2017 fourth update