Learning to Fly RC

To fly a remote control airplane, you’ll need a transmitter and an airplane (duh). If you haven’t got this stuff yet, come on out the the flying field and talk to one of us. Your biggest problem will be to try to curb our enthusiasm.

ApprenticeA lot of new guys here started with a trainer airplane called an E-Flite Apprentice. You can get one online lots of places including  Horizon Hobby or Motion RC. Or you can get it at a hobby shop like Superstition Hobbies. These trainers are pretty easy to fly and a great place to start.

DX6.pngIts not a bad idea to get the same transmitter as lots of us have. Because we know the radio its easier to help you start. Many of us use the DX9 made by Spektrum.  At a minimum, you should consider the DX6.  You can get one the same place you get your airplane.  Another fine transmitter is a Futaba T6EX, or T7C…these models may have been updated with newer models, however this is a fine brand radio.  Many members at the field use this brand too.

When you start learning, an instructor can connect his radio to yours (called a buddy box arrangement). He can take over and save you if you get into trouble. The trainer link only works for radios made by the same company, which is another good reason to stay with what everybody else has – at least to start out. btw – DX6 means it has 6 channels – DX8 means 8 channels etc. Its a pretty complex model to need more than 6 channels.

The other (almost essential) thing you need is a flight simulator that runs on your computer. Its a lot less expensive when you crash. The most popular are Real Flight and Phoenix.

Robert is our CFI – Chief Flying Instructor.  They don’t come any better. We also have many other great pilots you will learn from. Like Terry, Bob, Mike and John.