Fun Fly

The Fun Fly was a great success. I would like to thank everyone that participated and the spectators.

The Felix family had the driveway watered for our event. Thank you very much.

Next will be planning for the night fly and more foam destruction.

Terry and Brad

Winners from Feb 3, 2018 
Spot Landing — Ben
Limbo — Terry
Bomb drop– John
3 loops and Land– Ben, Brad, Mike
Combat — Terry was last one in air
T-28 stock — Terry because of John being disqualified for cutting
T 28 Modified — John

IMG_7211Here are some of the events we typically have at our fun fly. Rules are made by Mike (the Safety Officer!)  and Terry (the guy in the picture) and no arbitration is allowed 😉

  1. Limbo, how low can you go and not hit the upright holding the crepe paper. Wheels, or bottom of plane,  may not touch the ground till after you pass under the limbo line.
  2. Bomb drop, using either a cup where your canopy should be or an actual bomb door to drop an object of our choosing, usually a ball, on the runway closest to the center line.
  3. Spot landing, we make John work for his win each year. Again flying in with a plane and landing wheels down closest to the center line. That would be line running North and South, not the center of the runway. Quads, Heli’s need not apply.
  4. Combat, we use crepe paper fastened to the back of your airplane and whomever cuts the most off wins. This years wrinkle, 🙂 will be bring a plane you have that flies but you would not mind seeing demolished.
  5. Pylon racing with Stock T 28’s for those of us with them, modified racing with T-28’s or Mustang Strega’s . We are open to what you use as long as we can be competitive. See pylon racing page for more info.
  6. F-22 Racing, Pylon rules apply.

Jan 6, 2018.