A Few Rules

Yeah – we have a few rules (9 of ’em):

  1. Have fun.
  2. Try hard not to hurt yourself.
  3. Try even harder not to hurt anybody else.
  4. Try not to crash into other peoples’ stuff except, of course, during combat.
  5. Help other folks pick up the debris from their crash, or to find their lost drones in the desert. (Watch for rattlesnakes out there, and take a big garbage bag if necessary.)
  6. Guests possessing an AMA or MAAC current membership may fly during one visit while under supervision of the instructor pilot or his designee.  After the first visit, the guest is encouraged to join our club.
  7. Annual Proficiency Checks (easy) may be required.
  8. We strongly suggest programming Throttle Cut for all your models – especially large electric models or helicopters. And, of course, its best to arm models in the pit area, not on the prep tables.
  9. Oh… and we all must abide by the AMA Safety Rules so our insurance works. Here is a link to several AMA Safety Documents that apply to our field. We are after all, very  proudly AMA Club #1601. (Remember? we all promised we would follow the rules when we joined the AMA or MAAC.)