Scratch Building

F22Most SRLCC members have scratch built one or more F-22’s like the yellow one Ron is holding in the picture. We build them, learn to fly them, then race them. They are easy to build, inexpensive, reliable and fast. After we crash them we can usually salvage the parts for the next build.

They are built at home by cutting the airframe components from light weight Depron or poster board using plans or templates. We can tell you where to source the plans, foam, servos, ESC (electronic speed control), radio receiver, motor, and battery.



The most important tools needed to build the F-22 are a sharp knife, a long steel ruler and a hot glue gun.


Of course, you can go as far as you want building models from scratch. In the picture below, Ron is holding a beautiful scratch-built model of his own design. It flies fast and sweeeet.