Drone Field at SLMAC

SLMAC has been working to update and improve the drone racing areas at our field.  Thanks to several club members, gates and flags have been installed around the course – flags mark the corners, with gates at various locations to test your flying accuracy.  As you can see, we have a large area to fly the drones…the photo below shows the short course.  We also have a large….and it is large….long course….a photo will be posted later showing the large course….so think of it as the short course doubled and more in size.  Come on out…check us out…and join SLMAC.  We’re having alot of fun…from racing to skeet shooting with our drones (helium balloon popping)!!!  And now…for some pictures of the short course.

Gate 1

Gate 2

Looking North

Gate 3

Gate 4Our large 10′ X 10′ gate…large enough to dive through the middle and come out the side.

Gate 5

Gate 6

East side of course, looking north.

Snake Pit Gates

South leg looking east…. from a higher angle, better known as the snake pit.

The next two shots show the overall drone course.

Short Course Looking NE

Looking NE

Short Course Looking SE

Looking SE

Here’s the Long Course:


Looking NE



Looking more easterly.

Come out and see what drone flying and racing is all about!!!