Li-Po Battery Discharger

A lot of pilots in our club….in fact, a majority of our pilots are flying electric models (airplanes, helicopters, and quad-copters, and cars (I know..they’re not aircraft).  The thing they have in common is they are powered by Li-Po batteries.  What do you do with the batteries once they are failed or failing?  They can’t be disposed of in the garbage until they are fully discharged.  So, one of our club members (Jeff Valento) has built a discharger and has discharged a couple of 5 gallon buckets worth of batteries.  Also, he has sent and a link to how to make your own discharger.

NOTE: If you leave a battery in the bucket at the field to be discharged and disposed of, please leave the leads on so Jeff has something to connect the discharger to.

Here it is:

This is the link to the info on building this discharger should anyone want to build their own. I would be willing to advise or show the prototype to anyone interested. I plan to do most my discharging at the field while flying.

LiPo Discharger in Action