Want to Join Us?

WELCOME – We are glad you are thinking of joining us!

BobReeseI’m Bob, the club’s Treasurer. I’m in charge of membership stuff.

Please shoot me an email with your contact informtion: – slmacinc65@gmail.com. Thanks.

The easiest and fastest way to pay is to use PayPal or Zelle. Make your payment to: slmacinc65@gmail.com  (simple as that).

After I receive your emailed application with your information, and have received your payment, I will email you a PDF file with your membership card and gate code.  If you wish to pay cash or by check, I’ll call you and we can figure out the best way to get that accomplished.  Keep in mind, until you’ve paid and I’ve verified your AMA member status, you will not have access to the field.  Oh, by the way, that plane is a lot smaller than depicted in the photo….lol.

FYI – there is an engine size limitation at the field.  No NITRO or GAS engines larger than 1.8 cubic inch/30 cc are allowed.  This limitation is waived during AMA sanctioned events, such as IMAC or NSRCA, both precision flying contests.  Also, no TURBINE engines are allowed due to the type material used for the runway as the fabric material would be burned by the extreme heat of the exhaust.

Academy of Model Aeronautics
Model Aeronautics Association of Canada