Proficiency Checks

SLRCC By Laws lay out proficiency requirements for new and current members.  New members are those that are new to SLRCC.

Every new member will need to meet with the Chief Flight Instructor (Robert) or his designee (Terry or John) prior to flying at SLRCC.  This is strictly for airfield familiarization and safety; we’ll help you get up to speed if needed.

Current members also need to demonstrate proficiency to the Chief Flight Instructor on an annual basis.  Annual inspections will start during the week of 18 February, and the VP will maintain records of all reviews.

Drinks are included with every post-flight debriefing.

Below are the links to the two checklists that will be used for New and Current members of SLRCC.

Proficiency Check List for New Member

Proficiency Check List for Current Members – Annual

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