Ramp Extension Work

Thank you to everyone that made it out to extend the staging area on the west end of the runway. With John cooking hamburgers and hot dogs the work party was a great success. We finished in 2 hours and a couple of minutes including a lunch break!!

NewRamp - 6NewRamp - 16NewRamp - 10NewRamp - 17NewRamp - 15NewRamp - 3NewRamp - 4NewRamp - 2NewRamp - 7NewRamp - 14NewRamp - 11NewRamp - 5NewRamp - 8NewRamp - 1NewRamp - 12NewRamp - 13

Mark Felix has repaired the driveway in where the Monsoon had rutted it up. The driveway is now smooth, just need more 5 MPH signs to keep people slowed down as the dust is still an issue. The East End staging area has been cleaned up by Mark with the tractor and the weeds are gone. A huge thanks to the Felix family for all the work.

Again a huge thanks to those that could make it out as it made a light work load for everyone.

– Terry on Behalf of SLRCC.

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