Pylon Racing

Pylon racing as it’s name suggests is just that. We have two pylons spaced approximately 450 feet apart. The objective is to survive racing other pilots with the same or very similar equipment around the pylons in a six lap race for modified planes and ten laps for stock planes. These usually have judges at both ends to see which of us do not make it around the pylon. One cut, or short turn, moves you back one place in the standings, two cuts you are disqualified.

Stock planes at this time include the Parkzone T28, which is out of production now. we are looking to find a reasonable alternate that is reasonably priced. The T 28’s had to have stock motors, stock prop and no larger than 2200 mah battery. Speed controls could be whatever.

The second stock plane is a scratch built F22. Club members have plans and you need a sheet of Depron Foam.

You can also purchase the kit from

This is there temporary website.

Building List for F22. 
Mike has most if not all of this at Superstition Hobbies.
DuBro 1.45. Sport Front wheel
Dubro 1.86 Micro Sport Rear wheels
Steerable Nose Gear – 1/2 A DUB-234
Outrunner stick mount — EFLM- 1915, or round piece of wood to screw motor X base to.
3/8 by 3/8 stick — not Balsa, Mike has other harder wood.
Control Horns 1/2 A DUB-107
3/32 wheel Collars
3 micro servos
2 by 32 Control rods– Dubro, I think come in a package of 5 with clevis’s or without depending.
3/32 wire for making rear landing gear. (Heat shrink tubing needs to be put on the gear portion where nylon straps to be used to hold them in-place — otherwise the landing gear will wobble under the landing gear strap).
Little plastic clips for holding 3/32 wire. Dubro Part 238 – 1/8 Nylon Landing Gear Straps
7 by 5 APC prop
Cobra motor 2213/12 KV=2000
30 Amp esc
4 Channel or 6 Channel receiver of choice.
2200 Mah batteries.

Paint as to personal preference.

Modified planes, basic rules: 10 by 7 pitch prop. 3000mah battery. We have found good success with the HobbyKing EF1 1300KV motor and 70 amp ESC. Some of us use the T-28 with wing mod’s to strengthen them and others are using the Strega P51 Racer with retracts. I believe the Strega is available from Motion RC for $199. We are requiring the 10 by 7 prop on it however.


We are also using the Piñata as a Pylon Racer. They are semi-indestructible, but we will find a way to destroy one yet.
The piñata is a 43″ wing that equipped with a Hobby King motor and 60 amp ESC can motor along very well Prop size is 8 by 6. Battery can not be larger than a 2200 3 cell. Any C rating you want.
Parts listed below are available at  . We are all using the standardized parts so skill is the only factor. We have been thru the bigger and bigger motor stuff with other planes and decided that we would list one Motor and Prop and Battery  size everyone that raced can use. If you wish to just fly yours you can put anything on it you wish.
Durafly® ™ EFXtra – 3536-1780KV Replacement Aerostar Motor w/Mount and Propeller Shaft   $23.20
HobbyKing 60A ESC 4A UBEC  $20.66
Corona DS339MG Digital Metal Gear servo 4.4kg/ .15 sec  / 32 g .  9.99 I believe. You Need two.

Feb 6, 2018 Last Edited