about us

The purpose of the Sun Lakes Radio Control Club is to promote the building and usage of remote control aircraft of both gas and electric.


We are here to have fun and enjoy the great hobby/sport of model planes. Come to the field and introduce yourself!


Popular flying days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (time of day dependent on time of year, based on AZ weather). Flight Instructors are generally available on Sunday mornings (or by appointment).


Proper insurance is required for operation at our field and is provided through AMA membership.


A printout of an on-line payment confirmation is sufficient to confirm insurance and allow you to fly on our field. If you're just getting started, please feel free to look and ask about the appropriate equipment your will need. This will save you time and money in the future! EVERYONE at the field wants you to be successful at your first attempts, knowing where to get started is half of that task! 


Our Field


The Sun Lakes Radio Control Club has been granted use rights to the property by the Felix family. They have worked so hard on our field and they deserve a special thank you! If you see the Felix family at our site, please remind them how thankful we are of their time and commitment to our hobby!


Field is located at: 7663 E. Hunt Highway, Florence, AZ 85132 / 33° 2' 44.96" N  111° 29' 0.23" W


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